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Melbourne Hydro & Vacuum Excavations, a division of Plumbrax Plumbing are the leading innovators in pipe relining services, here in Melbourne.

Blockages in pipes and drains are becoming a common issue and can lead to damgaged pipes that need repairing.

In the past, when a pipe is damaged, a plumber would need to dig up the old pipe and replace with a new pipe. This is very messy and inconvenient. Pipe relining is the way to go now, since NO DIGGING is required.

All debris, roots and any blockages can be removed by using high pressure water jetting, we then reline the damaged pipes, repairing them to prevent futher blockages.

No area is too hard to access.  We can add additional hoses and pipes to reach any areas which are located further than where the truck is situated.   

When you need an experienced local operator in Melbourne, look no further… Plumbtrax Services are reliable, fast, efficient and professional, we pride ourselves on exceptional workmanship with a clear focus on delivering all projects on time and in budget. 

If Hydrovac is right for you, contact Plumbtrax Plumbing today.