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Tree Safe Zone Hydro Vacuum Services Melbourne


Trees are a vital part of our natural environment and play an integral role in the aesthetic appeal of our shire and way of life.

We have a responsibility to retain and protect our natural landscapes, to enhance biodiversity and to retain the semi-rural character of our townships.

Throughout the shires, a diversity of tree species occur of varying ages including ancient eucalypts and early settler plantings, all of which contribute to the shire’s natural and cultural values.

Trees are sensitive to change and require minimal disturbance to retain optimum health. Trees need to be protected at all stages of a development to ensure they survive. It is rarely possible to repair stressed and injured trees.


Our hydro vacuum  and jetting services offer stabilisation, containment, soil excavation, treatment to soil, site cleanup, restoration, remediation, hazardous materials testing, management, and disposal.

Our aim is to always work and maintain the highest environmental standards so any disruption is minimised.