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Hydro Vacuum Excavation Services Melbourne
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Vacuum Trenching Services For NBN Melbourne

Hydrovac, or hydro excavation, is the leading soft dig non-destructive excavation technology that utilises high pressure water (hot or cold) to move or remove soil while simultaneously vacuuming it out. This allows for a non-destructive digging and a more accurate way to excavate soil and ground materials.

Vacuum Trenching is a trusted, proven and relatively quick process that does very little damage to lawns, gardens and paving.

Hydrovac technology eliminates the possibility of damage to underground infrastructure, such as:

  • NBN Melbourne
  • Gas Pipelines
  • Electrical Wire
  • Fiber Optic Cables
  • Water/Sewer Pipes

If the ground is frozen or covered in snow and ice, no problem. Our Hydro Excavation truck have an enclosed boiler that allow us to run hot water and deal with any frozen ground situation

If the area to Hydro Vac is hard to access, no problem. We can add additional hoses and pipe to reach those areas which are located far from where the truck.

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